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Rectober... No.2 - The Student Prince

The Student Prince - FayJay

Title:The Student Prince
Author/Artist: FayJay
Pairing(s) Merlin Emrys/Arthur Pendragon, various others
Rating: R
Word Count: 145.222
Tags: modern AU, AU, Slash

Summary: A Modern day Merlin AU set at the University of St Andrews, featuring teetotal kickboxers, secret wizards, magnificent bodyguards of various genders, irate fairies, imprisoned dragons, crumbling gothic architecture, arrogant princes, adorable engineering students, stolen gold, magical doorways, attempted assassination, drunken students, shaving foam fights, embarrassing mornings after, The Hammer Dance, duty, responsibility, friendship and true love...
This story was inspired by the thought of Prince William of Wales (and indeed the current Max von Hapsburg) studying at the University of St Andrews; it is also, as the title suggests, at least a little inspired by the operetta 'The Student Prince'.

Why I loved it:
The Student Prince is a wonderful AU story of Merlin and Arthur. It’s funny, the characters are great (even the dickheads), and the mythology is interwoven with verve. It’s kind of an epitome of UST– because it takes ages for them to come to terms with their relationship. These boys will give you a hard time, especially Arthur who is a real prick at the beginning and whose sexual orientation is like a book of seven seals.
But, believe me, it’s so worth it. The humour is the leitmotif until they finally get their shit together. Just some random things I remember: Kilgharrah is having a soft spot for itunes, Morgana is using drinking games to her advantage, Lancelot is being more clueless than everybody else, getting really frustrated about all the UST- ups, I did mention that already – and a wonderful, brilliant ending.

Excerpt: I had really trouble to pick just one short scene from that first chapter because this fic is great from the start.

By the time they had reached the outskirts of London, Merlin knew that Gwen Smith was the first person in her family to go to University, like him; that she had no brothers or sisters, like him; that she had only one living parent, like him; and that she'd harboured a lifelong crush on the Prince of Wales, and was feeling more than a little bit hysterical at the prospect of spending the next four years attending University in a town the size of a postage stamp with the object of her teenage sex fantasies – also like him, although Merlin wasn't sure whether he felt like sharing that particular gem just at this moment.

Just some random stuff at the end: The operetta 'The Student Prince' takes place in the town I live. It's based on a play called after this town as well. Both terribly kitschy things. You are better off reading the fic.
Art by Ryuutsu.

Rectober... on LiveJournal

Ok, ladies and gentlemen. It's Rectober on LiveJournal which means everybody recommend their favourite fanfictions. As I'm kind of slow with reading books again (yeah, IDK how that could happen ;) I thought about sharing these posts with you.

So, you can see that I'm still reading and doing things. :D


Title: Sparks from the Fox’s Tail
Author/Artist: khalulu
Pairing(s) Draco Malfoy/Harry Potter
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 17.247
Warnings: none
Tags: Finland (Country), Magic, Finnish Magic, Bees, Finnish Mythology and Folklore

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This is something I had to share. Great vocalists but truly amazing and brave kids.

Found it on Celestlyn's journal.

Editing Tips

A few days ago YA Fanatic posted that she'd finished the first draft of her novel. In this post she asked if anyone had tips on editing. I responded in the comments but then realised the comment was going to be ginormous and so I ended up saying that I'd make a post instead.


What follows is my own personal method for editing. After a decade+ of editing my own work and digging around for advice from other writers, I think most can agree that many of these steps are necessary. You don't have to follow all of them and you should find your own order. I'm still working on perfecting this system and that process will probably never end. If you are a writer, please leave your own methods and experience down in the comments. :)


I'm adding a short description below because this post is HUGE. I've run out of time and, as hilarious as it is with this being about editing, I don't have time to edit this post before I leave on Monday. Such is life! Also, apologies for how 'know-it-all' this post might come off as. I spent so many years writing technical FAQs for websites (and working tech support) that I developed an odd voice I'm not quite fond of.


There are three major steps in editing. Developmental, structural and professional. Revising can take twice as long as it took you to write your first draft. Hang in there. Good luck!


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Meatworks ~ Jordan Castillo Price

Meatworks - Jordan Castillo Price

Meet Desmond Poole, 33, who lost his right hand some months ago and can't remember what happened. Desmond was an underarchiever before but since he lost his hand he is just one thing: useless. He is drowning his sorrow in vodka, skips on purpose the training  which would help him to master his prosthetic and is pissed off by everyone and everything. Social Services wants to help him and forces him to attent to an amputee support group. Desmond expects a boring group and self-pitying stories, instead he meets hot and young rudeboy Corey Steiner.


Meet Corey Steiner, 22, who lost his lower arm three years ago but works his prosthetic like an extension of his own body. He even toys with the electronics of his robotic limb. Corey is smitten by Desmond's rusty, crude charme and trys to woo him. Patience isn't Corey's best trait and when Desmond doesn't tell him about the ties he still has with his ex-boyfriend, all hell breaks loose. Because Desmond's ex-boyfriend is someone they both know...


Sounds like a normal but slightly futuristic romance? Nope, not Meatworks.

First. The book is set in Riverside and Black Rock, some parts of Buffalo "you don't want to live unless you feel particularly brave, lucky, desperate or stubborn" (quote by the author from 'About this Story').

Second. Desmond might be our MC but he is not a hero. He can be a real pain in the arse and most of the time he is just that. Nevertheless I fell for him, like Corey did. Even though half the time he drowns in self-pity and alcohol and he is prickly and rude. But deep down he is vulnerable, not completely over the break-up with his ex-boyfriend, and though he falls for Corey, he isn't the best at being honest and doing all these things a relationship requires.

Third. Corey might be hot and funny and great with his prosthetic but he isn't perfect boyfriend material either. Too impatient and maybe too young for Desmond. 

You have to see for yourself if they both can make their relationship work.


It might sound like a weird kink of mine but I loved the parts about the prosthetics and how this robotic world worked. Everything is done by robotics, mobiles or computers were never developed. It's kind of spooky to get everything picked by them (the robotics). For example they pick your favourite music and, if you are not alone, they try to find a perfect match for you and your company. They make you coffee, clean your house or flat, dim the lights for you and do everything else as well. Desmond hates it. He finds it creepy to be 'read' by them all the time. In his own flat he has only old stuff and no robotics around him (except for his new hand of course). And I could totally relate to him.

It sounds super fucking creepy to me. More than being watched by NSA or being analyzed by google algorithms all the time...


Yes, Meatworks was a fantastic read for me. Interesting, captivating and provoking with its themes and its main characters. And I loved the short streaks of romance and the sex Jordan Castillo Price has woven inbetween all the grossness.

I'll need to read more books by her. Soon.

I've read 99% AND random thoughts about reading

Lord of Fire - P.L. Nunn

Well, the m/m part of the story definitely doesn't take place in this book. I'm nearly done and am eager to continue with The Winter King. I just have to work on my reading list first. The list goes like this:

- A Balancing Act and Bearded Lady by nattish
- Meatworks by Jordan Castillo Price
- Potential Gravity by zeitgeistic
- White Trash Zombie by Diana Rowland


I can chose freely again after the Rowland. And The Winter King will be my first choice. And I have to read on with the second Nothern Star as well. Yeah, creating my tbr-list will be fun. Because the hp_fests I've written something for will start posting in September too. I'm screwed. LOL


Btw this book is longer on my new shiny paperwhite so I skiped back to percent. And because I love both my readers, I named them. You can call my kobo Griffin and my kindle Ival. I'm such a sappy girl but I do love these names.

Battle for the Net


More information:
• Battle for the Net
AO3 post

Ninety-year-old gay couple marries after 72 years together

I'm lying down with a nasty cold at the moment but this I had to share.

These two old ladies and their love for each other make me smile. :D

My August in books and fics and more...

Bliss - Heidi Belleau, Lisa Henry A Case of Possession - K.J. Charles Flight of Magpies - K.J. Charles Dynasty of Ghosts - P.L. Nunn Hunter of Demons - Jordan L. Hawk Master of Ghouls - Jordan L. Hawk Reaper of Souls (SPECTR) - Jordan L. Hawk Eater of Lives - Jordan L. Hawk

After reading just one book in July because I've been obssessed with fanfics lately, I made the good resolution to only read a long fic after reading a book. And it is working quite well at the moment. And I managed to read some very awesome books in August too. Yeah!


My reading highlight in books was Dynasty of Ghosts by PL Nunn. This story hooked me with everything, the MCs, the magic, the ghosts, the gruesomeness of the world, the hot sex and the wonderful love story.

My reading highlight in fics was The Lotus Eaters by aldora89. My first Kirk/Spock fic and a very intruiging one. It had the most wonderful OC character called Longclaw. And I loved how they fell for each other and (of course) Spock was totally spooked by all the feels. LOL


Yep, I haven't been around much lately. I was busy finishing my third fic and know I'm working on the next. So, I don't think it will change so much over the next months. But I try to write some reviews and I'm screening my dashboard. I still love it here, even when I'm busy with other things and these adds are getting on my nerves. Someone posted a way to get rid of it, but I can't remember who it was. I really should reblog the things I might need someday.

Maybe the one could leave a comment and then I'll come and search your blog. :D Would be awesome. <3

Reading progress update: I've read 56 out of 270 pages.

SPECTR: Volume 1 - Jordan L. Hawk

Wow, now I know why a lot of people like these books even more than the Whyborne & Griffin series. These three characters are very intruiging. Such a shame I can't read on as I would like. But tomorrow I'm taking a little journey and finally will get some reading done. Yeah.

The Magpie Lord ~ KJ Charles

The Magpie Lord - K.J. Charles

Lucien Vaudrey has always been the black sheep of the Crane family. He spent the last twenty years in China where he worked his way up from the slums smuggling and became a successful businessman. But his father and older brother died from suicide one after the other, and Lucian is now the new Earl, Lord Crane of the Magpie house. Not only a huge responsability but a liability. And Lucien isn't happy about being forced to come back to England. He loves China where he is able to love and fuck whomever he want. In England he would be called a sodomist and thrown in jail if his preferences would be known.

But that's the least of his problems. Lucien starts to show suicidal tendencies as soon as he set foot into his home. In China he got to know about magic and therefore he seeks the help of a Magician. Too bad, Magician Stephen Day has good reason to hate Crane's family.

But it's Stephen's job to help people who are victims of the missuse of magic, people like Lucien. And the new Lord Crane is not very aristocratic in his ways, taking into account his attitude, his tattoos and the way he trys to lure Stephen into his bed...


I'm biased now because I read the second and third book in this series and they totally charmend my pants off. After I read the first book I wasn't in love with the A Charm of Magpies series, especially not with Lucien.

He seemed shallow, vain and wasn't very likeable. But there was Stephen. OMG, I fell so hard for this little man (literally because he is only 5 feet tall) with the big heart and the strenth and courage of a lion. Yes, meeting Stephen Day was a pleasure.

Then there was Merrick, Lucien's manservant and friend. Also a brilliant character and I loved the banter between him and his Lord.


Maybe it was the fact that it took some time to get to know Lucien and Stephen. They started a Dom/Sub relationship which was really hot but came kind of fast. On top both were keeping a lot of secrets. And at first Lucien did look like he was only fucking around with Stephen.

For example Lucien complained all the time about Stephen's clothes. (Hell, Stephen is poor and can't afford this shit. And didn't you should know things like that as you had been forced to live in slums yourself.) You see, Lucien really drove me nuts at times. 

But the end was great and the whole concept of Magicians, Warlocks and Justiciary could totally convince me to give the second book a try. And that was a great idea and now I'm in love with both: Stephen Day and Lucien Crane.


The writing style was great. I love these magical victorian settings where one can learn new words (I'm always learning new English words but historical books are a source for a lot of old-fashioned words :D). And I loved all the humour and swearing KJ Charles put her characters into the mouth.

Reading progress update: I've read 690 out of 690 pages.

Dynasty of Ghosts - P.L. Nunn

This was wonderful and not at all what I've expected. After Bloodraven I thought it would be as hard and rough but it wasn't. And these Ghosts were quite interesting. In the end it seemed a bit rushed and not quite fininished but I loved that Illya and Ashe were on a good way. They definitely deserved some happiness together.

Cordelia Kingsbridge Control and Blood Red as e-books?

Blood Red - Cordelia Kingsbridge Control - Cordelia Kingsbridge

Does someone have an e-book version of Cordelia Kingsbrige's books Control and Blood Red? They are freebies and online on some platforms but I hate reading on the screen.


The lovely person who sent me the Close Protection files isn't using BookLikes anymore (which is very, very sad because I miss her, Amaranth Eden, dearly).


Thank you!



Reading progress update: I've read 7 out of 690 pages.

Dynasty of Ghosts - P.L. Nunn

I'm so looking forward to reading this story. I'm sure it will be tough but I love it like that more often than not :)

And the cover. Awww!


Bliss ~ Heidi Belleau and Lisa Henry

Bliss - Heidi Belleau, Lisa Henry

Bliss is a book for mature readers!

This review contains Spoilers. I couldn't wind my way around this time. Sorry.

In Beulah everyone is happy. Beulah seems to be a perfect society. Everyone has a job; no one is starving or fighting for survival, no air pollution or pollution at all and nearly no crimes. Nearly.


Rory James is an outsider in Beulah. He is from the neighbour country Tophet. Tophet is a horrible place to live, full of crime, violence, and drug addicts. No wonder, Rory wants to get out and live in Beulah. Not everybody can, but Rory managed. He got brilliant grades at college and now he is allowed to settle down in Beulah. Rory feels like he won a place in paradise due to hard work. But the moment he sets foot into Beulah he gets a punch in his face. Someone has broken his nose. In nearly crimeless Beulah.

Tate Patterson is also from Trophet. He visited Beulah just for one thing. To take a bit of Beulah's wealth for his personal needs. He didn't thieve without a reason though. But Tate gets caught after he punched a stranger in the face which had been meant as a distraction.

Now Tate has to deal with his punishment. He can choose between the devil and the deep blue sea: a trial which could lead to a life sentence or seven years of service for the man he punched. After consulting his Beulahn lawyer he takes the seven years.

What Tate doesn't know: He will become a Rezzy. That means he gets a chip into his head which helps to fulfil his duty. The chip will keep his personality at bay and make him accomplish every demand he gets. Of course there are people in Beulah who know what Rezzies must do. But Tate will be happy fulfilling orders, even dehumanising or deviant ones. Because, in Beulah, everyone is happy. And Tate will be a prisoner in his own mind...

Well, as you might have guessed, Bliss is not a typical gay romance. My attempt to tell something about the story shows only the top of the iceberg. The things Tate is forced to do are gut wrenching – and being in Tate’s and Rory’s mind as the reader – you can literally feel what it is for him to be forced doing them.


Yeah, it’s not for the faint of heart this book by Heidi Belleau and Lisa Henry. Nonetheless I really loved the whole idea and, bless both authors; you get sucked into it in no time. I fell for Tate first. Yes, he might be a thief and you don’t know at first why he is, but he is a strong character who normally doesn’t take shit from anyone. And he fights against the chip. Without much hope of succeeding but he doesn’t give up. I loved him for that. And I loved how he could get comfort form the little things and saw Rory for what he was.

Rory annoyed me a bit at first. Not, that he thought Beulah was kind of paradise, but that he believed everything they told him there. I mean, seriously, how can one punch in a face be worth a punishment of seven years? Rory is smart and from the outside. He should have suspected something was off earlier. But he gets it finally and he really falls for Tate which was sweet to see.

When he discovers the truth he nearly tears himself to pieces over his guilt. Yes, he did some wrong things but I could understand why he did them. Rory tried to understand Tate and he definitely couldn’t know what Tate really wanted because he couldn’t decipher the mixed signals he got from him. When Rory discovers the truth about Beulah he starts to fight against its system – immediately. And I loved him for that.

Bliss was a tough read but one I enjoyed a lot. To be honest the story got me feeling and thinking so much that I needed to take some reading breaks from time to time. But I always came back and finished it with joy.
I can’t tell you, if both authors wrote one of the POVs. Or which part of the story was written by whom. It felt as if made from one piece and that is a compliment in its own.

I didn’t mind that the focus was not at all times on the romance. I wouldn’t expect it from a dystopian novel- slash or het or whatever. And to see them both fighting for the other, for the happiness of someone else before their own, is one of the most romantic things I can think of.

One last thing about the title. It’s an absolute gorgeous title for this story. Though it’s a contradiction, Bliss really tells a story about the caricature of its meaning and about its meaning.

The book will be published tomorrow (18th of August).

*** I received a free ARC from Riptide Publishing via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. ***

Reading progress update: I've read 18%.

A Case of Possession - K.J. Charles

It's been a long time since my last quote while reading but I need to share this sentence:


"Crane, who hadn't got rich by jumping in to fill silences, waited."


Simple, great, and such a good way to show his character.