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Rectober... No. 5 - Where I Even Started to Love Snow

Title:On a Snowy Evening (the Paint the Forest With Colour Remix)
Author/Artist: alby_mangroves
Pairing(s) Merlin Emrys/Arthur Pendragon
Rating: NR-17
Word Count: 11.141
Warnings: Sex Magic, Rimming, Anal Sex, Magic Tentacles, Mildly Dubious Consent
Tags: Soul Bond, Winter Solstice, AU – Modern Setting
Summary: Making the most of a rare opportunity for a solitary trek in the woods, Arthur, Crown Prince of Camelot, encounters something, and someone, he never thought to see again. Destiny ensues.

Why I loved it:
This fic. It was such a lovely story, with a one of a kind form of magic. How these two made love with each other, magic all-consuming in and around them, was fantasting to read. The descriptions of the winter landscape made me yearn for a snowy forest at night. And, duh, I fucking hate cold snowy winters. So, alby_mangroves really did the trick. I wanted to be there on this clearing. I could see and feel it and it was hard to emerge from this story, its dazzling magic and its characters.

Arthur turns just enough to nose along Merlin’s face, over his cheek where it’s rough with stubble growing in. He rubs the tip of his nose alongside Merlin’s. They’re so close in their circle made of arms and trapped, shared heat, the delicious anticipation raising all the fine hair on Arthur's nape. He looks down at lips so dark they’re almost black, set in a pale, pale face. They’re both humming with the bond even with layers of clothing between them, with but a little space between their faces, skirting the edges of a real kiss while the air thickens with tension.

“Arthur,” Merlin whispers, and it’s dark, dark like chocolate. The first meeting of their lips is a slow, dry press, a shared inhale.

Merlin’s magic goes nuts, goes absolutely mental, sparking like live fuses and Arthur's existence contracts down to the glorious press and dry drag of lips on each other, edging closer together until there’s no space at all between them but the tiny snatch of breath being sucked back and forth between their mouths.