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What I've been up to...

Yes, I haven't been really here in a long time. I know and it makes me sad. But I have only so much free time to spare and nearly everything got into my fics recently. Yes, fics as in more than one.


If someone wants to have a look, feel free to do so. Here are my Harry/Draco stories on AO3:


Looking Like Harry Potter (explicit*) - Some times after the war Harry has started to work as his own lookalike at birthday parties for children. His next appointment: Scorpius Malfoy’s seventh birthday at Malfoy Manor, Wiltshire. Bugger.


A Vow of Silence (mature) - Two days ago when Harry had opened his eyes in a bed in St. Mungo’s, he’d made a vow.


The Winner Shaves it All (explicit*) - Draco still bears the scars Harry inflicted on him with Sectumsempra. Though, when Draco loses the wanking contest, Harry is allowed to use a blade on him again.

Collaboration with a friend of mine as a brithday present, contains razor!kink


Ashes Left Behind (mature) - Draco decides to get a tattoo on his birthday.


*explicit means that parts or all of it are pure smut


Yesterday was deadline for another one. It'll be part of a huge Christmas exchange festival (nearly 60 participants) where anonymous posting is starting on the 1st of December.


A second collaboration goes online on Wednesday. That is gonna be another birthday present and we are currently working on it. I love our collaborations which are going to be all PWPs (plot what plot, so, it's all about the porn baby).


I'm trying my best to have a daily look on my dashboard and post more as well.

Hope you are all doing fine?