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Zero at the Bone ~ Jane Seville

Zero at the Bone - Jane Seville

Jack Francisco was happy with his life as a maxillofacial surgeon until the day he'd witnessed a hit mob. Now he has a new name, lives in a new town, and has been put into protective custody until he can testify. As though he thinks his life couldn't get any worse, a hitman is coming after him.


D. is that hitman. He is being blackmailed into killing Francisco. But even a killer has their morals. Normally D. doesn't finish people off who don't deserve it. (If one could tell, that murderer, rapists, or bandits deserve to die.) D. is weary even before he has to stand vis-à-vis with Jack but after one look into his blue eyes D. just can't finish him off. So, they become unlikely alleys on the run from various opponents like the mob, the infiltrated witness protection program and those guys who seem to be after D.


If that isn't enough, the alleys start reluctantly to become friends, and then something more is growing between them. But what is going to happen when they give in to their attraction...


This book was recced to me independently by two friends on LiveJournal, then I took a look here at its reviews. So, yes, I knew it was a Brokeback Mountain fanfic before it became Zero at the Bone. You can find the fic online (link below) and I read parts of it as well (I would have read the whole thing if it hadn't been on– sorry, but I f**ing hate to read such long stories I can't download/upload on my e-reader).

Nevertheless, I read enough from Ennis' and Jack's story in Human Interest to see that it varies a lot from D.'s and Jack's in Zero at the Bone. There are similarities (of course), for example the names. Not only Jack's but D.'s as well (his real name is not Ennis but not far from it- nope, no spoilers).

And both Jacks seem to be really good (as in fairytale good) people. That's why I didn't give Zero at the Bones 5 stars. Jack was too good to be true.

Then there is the spoken accent. In the fic both MCs speak like D. does in Zero at the bone. It took me some time to get used to his yer, ya, ta, a, fer, and whatnot. But, like I grew fond of the man, I also did of his grumpy style.



But lets talk about the differences between book and fic now. The start and the end– not at all similar between fic and book, the people are not alike and the setting is different too. Zero at the Bone is a mixture between a road movie, thriller and romance. (Human Interest is, as far as I can tell from the glimpses I took, a gay cowboy romance told in flashbacks.) If you'd told me before that such a mixture was possible and worked for me, I wouldn't have believed it. But it did. In fact, I loved it. So, to lump Jane Seville (aka Mad_Lori) together with all those BBA who just take their fic and publish it, isn't fair. Imo the author re-wrote the story completely and did a brilliant job about it.


Nearly the best. It was intruiging like hell. Man, once started I couldn't put the book down. There were funny and sweet moments in between all the action and of course a lot of angsty moments as well. I loved how they both worked together and how long it took D. to open up to Jack– about everything, his past, his name, him being on the receiving end of the sex.


The best. It has a happy ending but no perfect one. There are still issues between Jack and D. in the end, issues they both have to work on and new danger is looming on the horizon. There are some short stories by Jane Seville which are for free or sponsoring some lbgt charity thingy. If you want to have a look, check out the author's homepage. I really hope she'll write the announced second book about Jack and D.


And FYI, my next review to come will be about her most gorgeous Sherlock fanfic series, Performance in a Leading Role.