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Ruin ~ Rachel van Dyken

Ruin  - Rachel Van Dyken

Ok this is a tough review for me because I'm in to columns with Ruin. I really liked the main characters and how they connected. I loved their povs. I appreciate the author dedicated and wrote this book for people who have to deal and struggle with cancer in their life as patient, relative, lover, parent or kid. Thumbs up for that. The writing style was lovely and I couldn't put the book down from starting at 23 p.m and finishing at 3 a.m.

But I have to be honest, this book didn't tell the truth. It is a romance and not a book about cancer. Why I'm sure about it you might ask?
I work at the German Cancer Information Service (so I know a lot about the forms and types this ugly disease could show) AND - far more important - I lost a sister-in-law to lung cancer three years ago (no, she has never smoked and passed away with only 25).
Believe me, no one looks like a male top model dealing with inoperable cancer and taking chemotherapy the FDA (US food and drug administration) hasn't approved yet.
Maybe you could buy the meds with connections and a billionare dad but you have to take part at a clinical trial. If you do that you are frequently at a hospital or cancer center where the studie takes place. You didn't have time to go to college, be a RA, and play football as quarterback.
Wes' type of cancer is never named. He is seriously ill with a tumor growing near his heart. That could be
a - lung cancer,
b - cancer of the pericard,
c - a malignant lymphoma or
d - esophagus cancer.
A and b are nearly fatal diseases if you couldn't perform surgery right away. If only one lymph node of c is affected the disease is stadium I. It's most of the time a cancer in an early form with a good prognosis. You could treat it with standarized meds and don't have to be a guinea pig. And d isn't very likely because of the anatomy (the windpipe is in the way) and symptoms would be diffrent.

Yes, I sound like a medic and not like my normal blogging self but I couldn't help it.
If you like to read about a wonderful, romantic love story with a happy ending and everything I could recommend this book.
If you want more, e.g. a love story and one about cancer and all the questions you have to deal with, please read

Hazel and Gus are for real, Kriesten and Wes are just a fairy tale.

Review in German to come.