~ Happy reading ~



Read in September - Goodreads Announcements

It's offical. Goodreads and its TOS change has blasted my reading pile in september - 9 read books is a poor result. More than a whole week reading time has gone missing while reading the - now famous and more than 5.000 posts strong - announcement threat (


But I moved on to BookLikes and LOVE it so far.

Last feeling of success: Have found the missing book in my reading challenge bar^^.


What to do next:

- change follower/people I follow into something witty

- reorganize the shelfes

- make a BLs wish (Wouldn't it be cool, if you could put an update status at the booklist and not in a text file at ones blog? One of the features I'm missing most right now...)

- search for more GRs friends

- tag old reviews

- check old reviews (e.g. links)





Happy weekend everybody!