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The Iron Jackal - Updates

Retribution Falls - Chris Wooding The Black Lung Captain - Chris Wooding Iron Jackal (Tale of the Ketty Jay) - Chris Wooding


My quote of the Day:


"The men and women of the Ketty Jay were the only family Frey had ever had. And just like family, they were exasperating, hilarious, fractious, affectionate, demanding, self-sacrificing, and he couldn't get rid of them if he tried."


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Oh my. Everything is worser than worst at the moment. How could their team spirit shrivel like that? :O. Come on guys (and women), pluck up courage and kick the damn Jackal's ass.

Kick some ass



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I have read the first two books about Darian Frey, the Ketty Jay (Darian's ugly aircraft) and his crew in German. The Iron Jackal is my first experience with Chris Wooding's witty and overflown style. I love his way of writing but have been afraid I didn't get his keen irony or his play on words. I shouldn't have been afraid and read it sooner.

After saving the world in The Black Lung Captain Darian got holier-than-thou ever (nah, it's not impossible^^). Here he is brought back down to earth because of his own silliness. And I'm so in love with a self-lacerating Frey...


That's a good imagination of 'my' Ketty Jay missing the weapons:

(Source: Zeppelin Pictures / Digital Art Gallery;