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Darkfever - Updates

Darkfever (Fever #1) - Karen Marie Moning


That was fun. Review to come :D.



Haha, this shirt lifting is lifting my mood.



I really like it so far. The weird Dark Faes, Mac's way of seeing things (and I don't mean her sidhe-seer ability) and the mysterious Barron with his awesome book shop (I have gone green with envy scince Mac's first visit).



Mac seems to be a bit weary of life, doesn't she? Ok, you can say she doesn't know a thing at the moment. But walking through an unknow city and not paying attention about your whereabouts isn't the cleverst move.

I got hooked the moment the old lady gave her a nugding. Hope to see that lady again^^.



Let's see what all the fuss is about^^.


Btw the German title of Darkfever is more than atrocious: Translated it's something like 'Baned by a Vampire'. Now you know why I read more and more in Englisch. If you find this title aweful be assured German chit lit books are the worst ever... but I'm babbling of topic.

Darkfever catches you right from the start with this Fae history lesson. I'm looking forward to read more... tomorrow:).