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Is Goodreads serious? They blame BookLikes for lost content...

I know all old BLers are annoyed about all the fussing about Goodreads. But I recived an E-Mail tonight I have to share. Sorry for any inconvenience.


Hi there,

We have been hearing from several of our members that they noticed some of their books and/or reviews were missing from Goodreads. When we investigated, we found that the deletions had been made by a third party service, BookLikes, through our API and that the Goodreads members concerned were unaware that this was happening.

You are receiving this email because you are a Goodreads member whose books or reviews on Goodreads have been deleted by this third party service through our API. If this happened without your understanding, our team can work to restore any reviews we can. This process could take several days. We will provide you with a list of the books and reviews restored to your account once this is completed. If you DO NOT want your books or reviews restored to your Goodreads account, please respond to this email letting us know by Thursday, October 10th. Otherwise, if we haven't heard back from you, we will work on restoring your content.

We have contacted BookLikes to let them know about this issue. We have disabled their API access while we look into how they were using it, so the deletions should no longer by happening.

Again, please reply to this email if you do NOT want us to restore your books or reviews to your Goodreads account.

The Goodreads Team


Are the fucking serious? They blame BLs for lost reviews AFTER their change of TOS? They got balls...
Or have I misunderstood something and they blame BLs for lost content irrespective of deliting stuff on their own?

I'm at BLs for around three weeks, have imported my stuff via cvs and canceld the connection to GRs after 24h because I don't want them to add my content (e.g. reviews and ratings) anymore. I don't know something is missing. So I'll wait and see if something will be restored there.
But GRs is getting on my nerves a lot. To pass the buck isn't helping to bring back my trust on GRs. I'm honest: of course I miss a few things but I'm sure BLs will create enough features over time to forget about it. I love it here.


Nonetheless I wish you a pleasant day.