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Fangirl - Updates

Fangirl HC100%

I liked it a lot, especially the second part. Cath has really come a long way. The ending has been a bit to short for my liking. Some more about the End of 'Carry on' would have been cool. Or, if Wren definitely is out of the woods? How Cath and Levi are doing during and after summer break? If one gets to know the characters as well as in Fangirl an all-embracing ending would have been more satisfying.




I'm asking myself, if Cath ever leaves her shell completely. I hope so.

And I just recognized last night that I have abandoned this book about FanFiction a few days for a .... yeah, a FanFiction.

I love weird humour:D.



Backt to Fangirl. Am I the only one who dislikes Wren a bit? Of course she is feeling the urge to live her own life (and not a half ot two lifves) but she rats on Cath. Or am I too severe?
I really like Levi btw.




I flipped a coin and the coin chose Fangirl for me. First I had trouble to customize to weird Cath and her way of sneaking through College. But I got hooked at that moment (around 9%):

"I don't won't to be your friend," Cath said as sternly as she could. "I like that we're not friends."

"Me, too," Reagan said. "I'm sorry you ruined it by being so pathetic."


And that's true. Cath is pathetic as hell. All the same she is funny and quick-witted - a thing I totally adore in a character. So we became friends the last 9% and I'm looking forward to read more about her oddity and her fangirling about Simon and Baz.