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Turn - Updates

Ok. I'm crazy, but I have to reread this one. I don't want to bore you to death so no more Updates about Turn. But I'm happy with the choice. This will help after the 'Riordan blues'. And I love to reread good books :D.



Done. I read fanfiction infrequently because changes in a character's behaviour have the power to disburb me.

But it didn't happen with Turn. Far from it! I loved the book right from the start and the author's way of staying true to the characters and make something imaginable over such an amount of pages (880 pages are a deal). Kudos to Sara's Girl.

Review to come.



Wow, just wow. I'm in love with this book.



Ok, get it. Like Harry I really miss Draco. But Ginny is much more likeable now. Quite a way to go for them right.


~35% and 36%

NOOOOOO, OH NO, NO, NO, NO. Please don't. ...

OMG. And now *_*?



This fanfiction is fucking fantastic and well developed. If I would end up in Harrys situation, I would have fallen for Draco too. Fast, hard and unconditionally.

Maybe I should explain a bit about the story. So reading further contains spoilers about the beginning of the story:


We start shortly after Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollow. Althoug Harry loves his kids, he and Ginny have drifted apart over the years. She is annoyed about Harry most of the time and he has to force himself to touch her. But worst, he has regularly nightmares about the day at Hogwards he had cursed Draco Malfoy with Sectumsempra. The night we met Harry in Turn he has the nightmare at nightfall and goes out for a walk to get some air. Before the pub he rescues an old stranger from falling on icy ground and gets inveted for a drink in reward. Litely drunk he asked the man one fateful question: Would have been his life an other, if he would have had done something else that day back at Hogwards?


The next morning he awakes in Grimauldplace 12 with Draco Malfoy walking through their shared bedroom. Harry has to learn quickly he has a totally different life in this reality: a boyfriend instead of a wife and kids, a different job, a really bad leg, Lucius and Narzissa as in-laws (just imagine THAT), drawers full of fine cloths and a snake named Frank as pet. He can't believe it at first. To his own surprise his and Draco's shared life is much more satisfying than his old one. And than he begins to fall for the man of his nightmares...


Isn't that lovely so far?

I don't believe I would say it someday but I adore the Draco of Turn. Althoug so much time has passed his evil behaviour of the past still gnaws his conscience. Anyhow his attitude is so much 'Malfoy' that one is shaking with laughter about it. And Harry, ah, I love him. This miserable straight man of the one life forced to live one of a happy gay couple now - that's a priceless idea.

I have no clue where the next 600 pages are going but this book contains as much funny and breathtaking moments than a real Harry Potter. Of course the writing is diffrent from Rowlings' but it is intruinging as hell.

(sorry for messing up with grammar and stuff, I got carried away and worte it just down)





I found this one here at BLs ( and got curious. Loaded it down and just wanted to take a short look. Ha, now an hour later I'have read 5% and it's nearly half past one in the morning. I love the idea and it's possability in the real Harry Potter universe. I don't know how to split my spare reading time between all my currently-reading books but I'll try. Huge thanks at Charmingly Euphemistic! If you are open minded about Harry and Draco, like fanfiction, and Harry Potter you should give it a try. It's real fun so far.