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Bloodfever - Updates

Bloodfever Moning


Ah, I like it even more than the prequel. I love Mac's way of seeing things. Yes, she wants to live (who won't?) and has her flaw (who doesn't?) but she has a good heart and now she wants to feight for mankind together with every ally she could find. I can't wait for the next of the series. Unfortunately there are some brand new books I want to read too. If I could clone myself just for reading. That would be fun.



Urgh, the feeding habits of M. are gross but he is so much grossier. Poor Mac. Hope she has tucked a rainbow deep inside.



I'm so far behind with my october reading list - damn life;).
Right now Mac and Barons are in Wales the 2nd time - urggh, really creepy. Right now Bloodfever seems to be the perfect title.



I'm a bit slow at the moment. But sometimes life is busier than intended. The trip to Wales was interesting. Now I'm too curious how Barrons wants to get the amulet of the Unseelie King. It was a surprise to meet Mac's Dad and I'm glad he left her behind. Fae show must go on.

Have I mentioned my admiration for Mac's way with cars? She has a ton of knowlegde about cars (me only an ounce) and I'm shaking with laughter everytime she babbles like a living quartet card game.




Urgh, Fiona. How bad was that. And poor O'Duffy. Oh my.
Have I already said how cool the nonverbal communication between Mac and Barrons is. Every time I LMAO^^.



Instead of reading I have joined a few groups here at BLs. I love thursdays^^.

Back to topic. It's been great to read a short summerize about Darkfever. No, haven't forgotten anything, I just like Mac's narrative voice. She's unique, isn't she?



Just started but it felt already like coming home. If that isn't a good sign:)