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A Table for Three - Updates

A table for three


Done. I don't think I want to write a review about it. Have to think about it. The idea of A Table for Three was nice. Think I lack some imagination because the setting didn't work for me. If one or both have been bi this would have made more sense. But the writing style was steamy and fun.



Ok, got it. Never mind reality. This is a sexual dream and not a 'could-be-real-story'. I like it but that's all. I'm not blown away like I have been by Double Time: Sinners On Tour (The Sinners on Tour #5) by Olivia Cunning. Everything is too black and white for my liking (for example the bad girl - she is so bad she's a walking cliché).



Are they serious? She should cancel her job for two guys she met 24 h ago. In spite of best sex ever I wouldn't do it. I'm curious what is Riley going to do?




I'm in the mood for something short, playful and sexy today. So Bloodfever takes a break. It's starting intense, isn't it?