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Allegiant - Updates



Wow. Haven't seen this coming during most of the book. But now after finishing I could say there have been hints. What now?

Am I disappointed?

To be honest, yes, a bit and not about the end. The first 70% have been an ordinary read, nothing less but nothing more. Although entertaining I haven't been glued to the pages (aka my reader). That changed with the last 15%. As sad as the end is, it makes this book unique and real - or as real as a dystopia could get. It has been the same with Mockingjay. If everything would have been perfect the whole impact of the story would have been thwarted. I wouldn't have liked it back then and wouldn't have liked it in Allegiant. I think this book has been a 4 star read for me but maybe I'm going to change my mind during the review writing process. You'll see.



Ha, I'm in a hurry. More tomorrow.



I'm going to start today. Thanks to a flu I try and get some sleep first. I'm really curious about it.