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The House of Hades - Updates

The House of Hades - Rick Riordan

p. 597

Have to ask. Am I crazy to read the glossar once in every book?

Ok, seriously. I'm disappointed. Not about the book. No, about myself. I have waited a whole year, have anticipated this book like crazy, have traveled to the German book fair just to recognize Penguin sells no books at the fair. Have ordered it with gritted theeth via A... . And then. It has lasted just 24 hours. A SINGLE FUCKING DAY. After waiting a full year. And now, back to the start. The Blood of Olympus is coming next fall *head desk*.

But I have to admit The House of Hades was worth every waiting hour. It was gorgeous, funny, sad, thrilling, and a bit like a black box of mixed pickles - you didn't know what comes out next. Well done Mr. Riordan. I'm out of here, crying a bit into my pillow. Then I will be ok...


p. 553

Only 45 pages to go. How could this happen so fast:o ?

Whatever, I really liked the part with Leo on the Island. Jason, Piper and Leo are my least favourite of the seven demigods, but Leo as well as Jason could suprise me this time. I wouldn't have thought Leo is so kind and Jason who is stiff sometimes is so open-minded.

I have nearly cried about the loss of a Titan and a Giant. Man, it's bitter with all the sacrifieces. And there should be more *ppfff*.


p. 293

Oh Nico, now I love you even more. I would love to see you really happy someday.


p. 187

Haha, Bob and little Bob. I hope Annabeth and Percy can keep their sanity.

I have to admit - I love Frank. He is really awesome and I'm glad Hazel is at his side.

And I love to read about Nico. Maybe I'm morbid but I like the Hades kids^^.  


p. 64

I love the writing style. Although is getting worser and worser at the half-blood front there are glimpses of humour everywhere.


p. 17 (from 597)

Ok. Time for some fun with Percy and Co. 

Btw. why is the cover via amazon not avaliable?