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Finnikin of the Rock - Updates

Finnikin of the Rock  - Melina Marchetta


OMG. The ending. It's perfect, absolutely perfect. Can't wait for Froi's book.



As usual I've been on the wrong track. Dear author, I'm in need of a broad hint. Otherwise I'm caught off guard by your story. Maybe that has been the idea?



I'm really eager to catch a glimpse of Balthazar now.



The story is gathering pace and that's really cool. Sometimes I'm overwhelmed by the intense relationship between Evanjalin and Finnikin and how one could see it has the power to destroy them. I hope for the best. Althoug it's a brutal world I love the descriptions of the people and the landscapes. It's so colorful. And it's so great to see that Trevanion is really happy at the moment.



I've had quite a successful day: After chatting with my dear blog fellow for ages, I have tinkered the first stars for christmas with my little daughter (she liked it for about 20 minutes, which is long^^). I bought tickets for the Catching Fire movie and read a bit about Finnikin, Evanjalin, Trevanion, Sir Tropher and Froi. Now I know why the next books is entitled Froi of the Exiles. A strange title if you don't know it's about a person. Whatever. The story is great. I really like the atmosphere and the passion of the main charas. Can't wait for tomorrow and more reading time...



Now the story has captured me. It's as compelling as I wished for. Think I'll be faster from now on^^.



Mmh, I'm not sure about Finnikin right now. He is so blunt. Hope he'll mature over time.



Damn. I have had nearly no time for reading the last two days. Instead I've written a review and some other posts. More free time would be pleasant^^.

I'll need more time to discover Finnikin's world. Just met two (or three?) main characters and recognized that Finnikin of the Rock doesn't like to climb up and down a hill (alike a big rock) with a cloister on top. Which is kind of odd, isn't it?



After taking the unknown road now once more I've been left with a longing for more fantasy. Lucky me, I got reminded that there are a bunch of books by Melina Marchetta I haven't read yet. And, yeah, there is a high fantasy series among them. As you could see, I'm on my way diving into it. Let's see if Finnikin is as compelling as Taylor has been.