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Day 22 - A book that makes you cry

Mockingjay - Collins Suzanne

I can cry a lot about books: happy tears, bittersweet ones, sad ones and also sobs out of frustration or anger. Reading is an emotional process and even the sad ones are appreciated.


Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins

You know, this scene at the end? When Katniss is beyond help and Buttercup has made it all the way from district 13 to 12 and she is throwing pillows after him and breaking down about loosing Prim for the first time. It's so unbelievable sad to see these two united over their loss. Maybe it is my soft spot for rough animals? Or my love for weirdos with a good heart? Or the fact that Katniss has suffered so much to keep Prim alive and in the end she is nonetheless dead? Or the point that nearly everybody tried to use Katniss for their own intentions and she got almost crazy about it? I think it's all and more. Because Peeta's suffering counts too. And so many dead charas one fall in love with. At Katniss' and Buttercup's encounter I'm reaching my limit and the only thing I can do is crying...