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Day 10 - A book that reminds you of home

Dream Finder - Roger  Taylor The Reader - Bernhard Schlink Düsseldorfer Sagen aus Stadt und Land -

That's a tough one. I moved so many times, it's not easy to speak of home anymore. Today I feel at home in more than one place but I think home is where my loved ones are.


Dream Finder by Roger Taylor

That's a book making me feel at home whenever I read it. It's like getting grounded. I love cynical and devastated Antyr, his witty wolf Tarrian and their strange hometown Serenstadt. I have read other books by the author and although some of them are nice none is as intriguing as this one.



The Reader by Bernhard Schlink

This book takes place in the town I live right now. It is also a book about the consequences of Germany's nazi history on a postwar love story. It's not a typical love story because The Reader, Michael Berg, is only fifteen when he fell in love with much older Hanna. It's also a book about knowlegde of the Holocaust and what to make out of it. It's a gripping but not so easy story.


Düsseldorfer Sagen aus Stadt und Land by Oswald Gerhard and Wilhelm Kleeblatt

A book with legends and myths about my hometown which I have read during primary school (it's really old). There is another one standing on my grandmothers shelf but I can't remember the title so I can't show you. Whatever, they are both in German and only precious for me.