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Day 12 - A book that you love but hate at the same time

The Twilight Saga Collection - Stephenie Meyer

Twilight Collection by Stephenie Meyer

When I first read this book I couldn't put it down. It was agony to wait for the next and next and last. I found Bella weird but liked her nonetheless. The strange vampire family was intriguing. I even liked Edward although his admiration of Bella was really overcast. And I adored the Jacob of the books (not this white teeth and abs monster TL). I loved the story although it has had its flaws from the beginning.


But for this love all readers (not only Twilight fans) have  to pay a terrible price because we have to endure an altered book world:

  • with females so clumsy and klutz they can't walk on flat ground
  • with heroines who must adore a guy although he stalks her (independent of a glittering or a handsome chest/abs/butt/put-here-whatever-you-like-of-male-anatomy)
  • with bitches who say one thing but think of another
  • with males petting their female partners, contradicting the meaning of partner
  • with heros thinking marriage at the age of 18 to 22 is a great idea (divorce lawyers think that too)
  • with males unable to let female make their own decisions


For opening Pandora's box I hate this book and it's author too.