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Courtsies & Conspiracies - Updates

Curtsies & Conspiracies - Gail Carriger


That was fun. Only the end was a bit fastpaced and therefore to short for my liking. Nonetheless I can't wait for Waistcoats & Weaponry to come. 



Sorry, got carried away while reading. I have to share this. There is a short interaction between Sophronia and Lord Akeldama a few percent ago. I love him. He is my favourite vampire ever. I bounced up and down at that moment and had a huge grin on my face. Thank you dear author, you made my day^^.



Intersting to learn the Etiquette lesson about vampires even if one already read the Parasol Protectorate series with Alexia. I'm very excited to learn more about Monique as a Pawn of the Finishing School after her degradation.



Poor Sophronia. Such a great test result and nobody to share the excitement with. But I love how she keeps her countenance and tries to distract herself. And I'm pleased to be introduced to Felix here. He seems to be a complex character and I want to know more^^.



I'm in love with this cover, even more than with the first one.

It's awesome to meet Sophronia and her friends again too. It has been a long year since Etiquette & Espionage.