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Luke and Slader - The Whole Story ~ Brad Vance

Luke's Brutal Abduction - The Whole Story - Brad Vance

Yeah, well. This was my first m/m BDSM book (or better five novellas about the same MCs) and it was interesting. Absolutely. It's definitely a good advise to read them all because otherwise you miss the growing relationship between Luke and Slader. Of course it's kinky and sometimes a bit gross and weird. Although I have a - Luke would say - boring sex life I don't care about the amount of people having sex together or their gender. As long as everybody is having fun, I'm ok with it. That's the plus of Luke's and Slader's story: They complement one another and are fullfilling each other's needs. Over time their sexual dom/sub relation becomes more, deeper, love. I enjoyed that process a lot.


But these novellas have their flaws too. The author repeats many parts of the story, maybe to bring back memories for his occasional readers. But if you read Luke's and Slader's story in one go that's a bit annyoing. I found myself thinking "Dafuq, I know what I've read ten pages ago, You know one's not loosing brain cells while reading". There has been another lapse: Typos with Slader's name. Just once or twice but nonetheless. I think it must be taken into account because he is the only one having an unsual name (not like Luke, Joe, Jim, Terry etc.). So, author, beta readers and/or editor you've missed a thing.


All in all it was a fun read and I'm going on with some dark, erotic or tabooed books.