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Day 16 - Favourite female character(s)

Havenstar - Glenda Larke Lythande (Thieves World) - Marion Zimmer Bradley, Vonda N. McIntyre, Walter Velez Soulless - Gail Carriger

It also not so easy to pick only one female character. And fair has to be fair...


Keris Kaylen by Glenda Larke

Keris is one of the best female characters ever. She is strong and independent although that's not favoured in her world. She is passionate, funny, open-minded, a good friend, curious and challenges the laws and orders of her society. She isn't a beauty but her character and her mind are attractive to men. If I would be a man I would fall for her for sure.


Lythande by Marion Zimmer Bradley

This author has invented a lot of female characters some direful ones like Guinevere form The Mists of Avalon (the worst book of MZB imho), some harsch and unfortunate like Leonie Hastur and some interesting, passionate and loveable ones like Romilly or Lythande.

Lythande is a sorceress (and a musician) although she walks the world as a sorcerer. Her gender is her secret, the one not to be revealed. Otherwise she is going to lose her magic and therefore her life too. She isn't an easy character but I love her. Lythande is witty, charing and a great magician. Her life is also lonely and sad. But she has wished for this life and has made - most of the time - peace with it.


Alexia Tarabotti by Gail Garriger

Ah Alexia. Such a great female character. A lady with proper manners, spirit of adventures and an obsession with tea and parasols. You have to meet her in person because I can't explain her ingeniousness, her humour or her way with supernaturals as a Soulless. Although it's impossible it would be a pleasure to meet her for real.


Some other gorgeous female characters are

  • Blaze Halfbreed by Glenda Larke,
  • Sophronia Temminnick by Gail Carriger,
  • Lena Haloway by Lauren Oliver,
  • MacKayla Lane by Karen Marie Moning,
  • Perry Palomino by Karina Halle,
  • Alanna of Trebond by Tamora Pierce and
  • Katniss Everdeen by Suzanne Collins.