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Bold Tricks - Updates

Bold Tricks  - Karina Halle


I liked it. But not as much as I thought I would. Some things were illogical for me. Some pushed too hard for me. I adore Karina Halle's writing style but I'm not such a fan of her Artist Trilogy. If somebody is going to start bearing a grudge against me, I can't help it.



This is too much. Too much brutal crime and too much cartel shit. Think I'm happy when I'm back in the World of Experiment in Terror.



Ok, everything is good now. Where is the catch? Let me guess, it should be 'who' is the catch...



Oh happy family.



Can't be possible Ellie is marching into the Dschungle of Hounduras. And why is it that Travis wants to lay hands on Javier via Ellie but is only expecting Ellie to come after him. I'm a bit confused right now.



I'm back. Mmmh, am I the only one wondering about Camden's steady hand (two shots) after Ellie has been shooting a bunch of bullets at the heli?




I don't know if I'm in the right mood for this book. I didn't like the end of Shooting Scars so much. I have to say I fucking hate Javier. He is such an asshole and I'm really angry with Ellie for hooking up with him once more. But I think one more finished series is a good idea^^.