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Only ten percent left. Can't be possibel, can it? After doubting it, i have to say: I love this as much as I love Turn. One of my favourite characters in Foundations is - believe it or not - Narcissa Malfoy. I didn't believe it first but there IS a Slytherin in me after all.



I love how some secondary characters are picked up and getting a new meaning in Harry's life. I don't post names but it happens in all the authors ffs and is so cool to read. Maybe I'm a little bit obssessed... haha... I really love this woman and adore her brilliant writing :D.



Ok. I spend the night (until 4:20 in the morning) reading Reparations and now I'm totally glued to the pages of Foundations. I don't know how Sara's Girl makes this. She creates an absolute diffrent setting (to Turn) but the characters are like they are. Harry is Harry, Draco is Draco, Hermione is... you get it. I'm baffled, thrilled and in love with her writing. She really is my fanfiction queen...