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Day 20 - Favourite romance book

Painted Faces - L.H. Cosway

That was a tough one for me. Yes, I read quite a lot romances but most of the time I have something to complain about: Too plain heroine, too dominante hero, too much shagging for my romantic streak, too cheesy in the end, too much angst from both sides... the list goes on. But than I remembered this book here:


Painted Faces by L. H. Cosway

This is my favourite romace book I've read in 2013. It is a great story with a wounderful sense of humour and two lovely main characters. Also with some angst but not so typical as you might think right now. Painted Faces is really, really amazing. And look at that beautiful cover (yes, I definitely have a weak spot for roughed males and yeah, that's a man). This book is as handsome on the outside as inside... If you haven't met Fred and Nick, you should check it out soon.