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Fearscape - Updates

Fearscape - Nenia Campbell


Ok. I get it. Gavin isn't so nice. I think it is not a very good idea searching through his personal belongings while he is in the same house with Val. Especially reading his diary :O. I don't know if I like to read on. It's clear that the story spirals into a big bang. I'm scared of meeting the true Gavin...



I stick to it. I like Gavin. Val's sidekicks like Lisa or James are so blunt. Maybe that's what the favourite teens of a school sometimes are. But I totally understand why Val is drawn to Gavin. He is interesting. He is older than Val, he likes drawing like she does, he plays chess, he is eloquent, unsearchable and unimpressed by rumours. I would have fallen for him as a teen too. I hate him beeing the bad guy. *pffff*



Damn. I've spoiled myself by picking up the wrong ebook (Horroscape instead of Fearscape). Memo to myself: Nothing good comes from reading more than two books at the same time.

Now I know I've pinned my hopes on the wrong guy. But really, must the creepy one always be the bad? Why couldn't the handsome ordinary guy show a deep and disturbing violation? But there is hope because there are two sequels *smirk*.



Ok. I'm out of it after dark but will read on tomorrow morning^^.



Puh, this is going to be creepy. Hope I have the guts to read on. I'm such a sissy when it comes to horror books.