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The Brook Street Collection - Updates

The Brook Street Collection - Ava March


Well. We get to know Radcliffe (Linus) much better in Rogues. Deep down he is an insecure little boy and deep in love with his best friend Robert Anderson. But Rob seems to prefere women. The only man he has ever been with is Linus himself. 

It's so sweet to see them finding a way from best friends and occasional playmates to become a real couple.

This whole collection has been a fine read. I'm going to read more from Ava March.



Ah, well done at the end Julian. It took you long enough but I think now you've earned a friend like Oskar. I'm not so sure about Radcliffe as MC. He hasn't been a favourite in this one. Maybe he can surprise me.



I'm in love with Oskar. He is so sweet. I really hope Julian's way of Hunting a fortune (Fortune Hunter is the title of this one) won't destroy their friendship.



The first story was lovely although a bit simple at the end. But that's ok because Thief with its 125 pages is more a novella than a book. And therefore it wasn't too simple. I have to admit I really adore Ben for not beeing a snobbishness and stiff Lord. He was so sweet and passionate with Cavin. Now I'm taking a break and read the next instalment Fortune Hunter in a few days.



The first story is called Thief and Cavin Fox is a handsome thief when he meets Lord Benjamin Parker one night in a gambling hall. I really like to read both MC's povs. Much more fun this way. It's also quite nice to read a historical romance with men. Good choice to pick this collection as a try with this mixture of genres.