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Remeber when 3. The finale - Updates

Remember When 3: The Finale (Remember Trilogy #3) - T. Torrest


Jepp, it was a funny read. Not as good and funny as the first and second of the series but I liked it. In my opinion the problems between Layla and Trip seemed a bit forced because the whole book was like a really long happy ending.

Nonetheless I had to read until 3.30 in the morning (because I've been to the cinema yesterday and couldn't get the pictures out of my head... but I think this will be an own post) and now I'm terrible tired. *yawn*



T. Torrest has such an awesome writing style. It's a bit embarrassing when you have to laugh loud or giggle like crazy while driving with the public bus. Nonetheless I'm really enjoying it.



Yes, there it is. After waiting for what seems like ages I can finally start. Oh happy day:).