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Sorry, I have to do some movie fangirling...

Catching fire


Yesterday I've been to the cinema watching Catching fire. It has been great.

The known actors have grown into their characters and the new ones have been a really good choice, especially Sam C. as Finnick and Jena M. as Johanna.


Of course I have some minor complaints like

Why are there so many kisses (3 in total) between Katniss and Gale? It lets Katniss looks flighty and doesn't show her anger and frustration about not beeing able to choose her fate and partner anymore. 

Why is Peeta's art only shown once so a person who hasn't read the books can't follow at this point?

Why doesn't Plutarch Heavensbee shows Katniss a Mockingjay clock?

Where has been the jump from the tree during Commander Thread's regime?


But there are some awesome scenes like

  • the encounters between Katniss and Finnick. First I wasn't convinced by the cast of Sam Claflin but he has played Finnick like he should be. Really, really great. I love his gaze and facial expressions.
  • how Josh H. has grown into Peeta (not literally but in every other way^^).
  • the gorgeous dresses and make-ups our star-crossed lovers have worn during their stay at the Capitol.
  • the Arena. The jungle has been frightening and lovely at the same time.
  • the Jabberjays and Apes have been creepy as hell.
  • the end. Although it has been a little bit diffrent I liked every moment of it.


Can't wait for the next to come. And I really hope they are not going to make the cut at the moment Peeta attacks Katniss when they meet again. Please NO. All this waiting is going to make me crazy... urhg.