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Faefever - Updates

Faefever  - Karen Marie Moning


I really liked everything about the book except the end. It was so urghhh. I'm sorry but it pisses me off badly so I have to retrieve half a star.



Mmh, I like my updates in one post. Maybe this option will come. Ok back to Mac. I like it that we get more and more information about Fae and everything at the moment. And I'm happy that Barrons isn't an Unseelie. I'm believing he is a good guy and I don't want to change my mind although he treated Mac quite bad lately.



Too much V'lane for my liking.



Mac, you are quite a tough chick bringing a death-by-sex fae to the abbey. It's a shame I can't read on at the moment and have some RL stuff to do today.



Why the hell does Mac always thinks the worst of Barrons? He saved her ass how many times by now? Btw feeding the detective Unseelie canapés was a low blow. Gross. I think next time Mac is able to follow the Sinsar Dubh...



Urgh. This book. Never thought I would say something like that but here is a book  I definitely don't want to read, touch or even look at. Brrrh.



After searching through my tbr pile on the reader I picked this one. Think it's time for another meeting with Mac and Barrons because I love Mac's way of telling her story. Yeah, I know it's the author's way but it's much more fun to think of Mac as a real kick ass heroine...