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Dreamfever - Updates

Dreamfever  - Karen Marie Moning





It's unbelievable: A beast with three pair of horns, pissing a circle around Mac to let her sleep in a world I have no clue about where or how possible. Although it's not funny, I'm LMFAO. The story is just a little bit weird at the moment^^.



I love the pace of this series. Every time you (and Mac) are thinking 'now I have time to take a short breath' another thing happens to her. It's fabulous. The only thing not so fabulous - I've planned to read something completely different (a christmas story for example). I suspect that's not gonna happen until I'm finished with this (and the next?).



Although I didn't like what happend to our world at the end of the last book I appreciate the strong nature of nealy everyone in the series. Yes there are sad, lost or desperate moments but all in all there are a lot of kick-ass-characters. I love it.



Wow a lot happend the days Mac was 'occupied'. 



I wanted to read something else but the ending of Faefever forces everyone to read on. Bad, bad book. :p