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Close Protection - Updates

Close Protection - Cordelia Kingsbridge


What a fine read. Thrilling, erotic and with a lot of psychological information. That's not very common in a novel and therefore was the best for me. I also loved the side characters like Ashton, Siobhan, Candance, Andy and even cold Evelyn.
A huge THANK YOU to Amaranth Eden for the mobi version.



So much is going on you can't take a breath. Incredible.



It's interesting how sometimes Ryder is the more adult one and than Luca is. And on rare occasions they are only one thing: adorable. I want more of this^^.



Pfhhh, Ryder you should be the grown up here.



My oh my. Luca is an incredible character. So playful, sexy, sad and manipulating at the same time. I don't know how Ryder resists this walking temptation longer than a few hours.



I couldn't resist. Now I'm hooked^^.