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Lost in HP fanfiction land by Sara's Girl

I'm badly in need to write some reviews but the last few days I've been lost in the wonderful world of Sara's Girl HP slash fanfictions. After reading the Fluffy!verse novellas (my favourites were Talk to me, The Haunting and This Girl) I've found Salt on the western wind which is imho as fucking fantastic as her longer fanfictions. I really adore the writing style of this woman. 


Today I'm visiting a christmas market with our little daughter and in the afternoon we're attending an advent feast in our neighbourhood. And during the next few days I'm going to pack christmas parcels for all our relatives we are not going to see during the christmas week. They live spread over whole Germany and although it's not a big country I don't wont to spend the holidays on the autobahn (highway).

Yeah, I'm babbling but now you know I'm busy and reading...