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Merlin Works in Mysterious Ways ~ lordhellebore

On the pro side: I started The Serpent's Shadow and am enjoying it so far. On the con side I was only successful until half past midnight with my 'no Harry Potter fanfiction' bane. After I finished writing a review I just wanted to check if Merlin Works in Mysterious Ways is a nice one. Damn. Four and a half hours later (at 5 o' clock in the morning!) I reached the last sentence. What a story. I don't know if I really like it or only admire the idea and the lovely writing style. I've never read such a depressing but heartwarming Darry story in my life.


It it's not the fact that Harry didn't recover from abduction and torture and become physical disabled it's what the magical world had become. They (the new minister of magic and his subordinates) treat the ex Death Eathers and every of their family member like the nazis treated the jew during their regime in Germany. They weren't allowed more than basic magic (like cleaning spells or lumos), they weren't allowed to do their N.E.W.T.S. and therefore weren't able to get good jobs, they separated blood bonded pairs which caused them seriouly harm and death, of course they confiscated their properties. It was really disturbing to meet a starving Draco who had no other choice than force Harry to their blood bond. And after recognizing what he had done to just survive... that was stomach-turning.


On the other hand Harry's and Draco's relationship was so interesting and after a while so sweet that my heart was even bleeding more. Yes, there relationship was full of problems and a lot of them serious ones but it growed so much over the time. It was also a story with so great and fitting side characters. They all felt real and I adored especially Luna and Ginny of lordhellebore's feather.


It was also a challenge to read from Harry's pov because his life seemed only to get worser and worser and after his abduction he was mentally so well and physically so terribly disabled.

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I'm aware that this is a really special story but I can't rate it at the moment. Maybe I'm able to give it a proper one when my thoughts have finally settled down. At the moment my thoughts are one chaotic mess but I'm really glad I read it.