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A Year Like None Other - Updates


What a great read. I really loved all the mental and physical threats our heros had to sustain and how much they grew by doing this. Can't wait for the sequel and hope it not going to take the author too long to finish the third one.



Haha, the family dynamics right now are so much fun. I really love it.



Plots in plots in plots. Very Slytherin. And poor Draco btw.



The idea of Harry's magic is here trully unique, isn't it?



Haha, best combination of flat sharing ever.



OMG poor Harry.



It's really great to see such a Severus Snape and these well done Occlumency lessions.



A Year Like None Other by aspeninthesunlight is definitely the longest fanfiction I've ever seen with over 1.800 pages. And that's it beeing the first book out of three. Wow, really.