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Froi of the Exiles - Updates

Froi of the Exiles  - Melina Marchetta

p. 422

Ok. I'm a bit less nervous than 10 minutes ago. This author is really a cruel one. I'm going to take some deep breaths and than I need to decide: read on with the last one (and know the whole series won't last long anymore) or read something else like I planned to do (but don't want anymore). Choices, choices, choices.


~p. 410

NO, NO, NO. That sucks.


~p. 360

Is there any chance for a happy ending? I don't see it but hope dies last, doesn't it?


~p. 320

This book isn't as expected. It is much better. These last 100 pages have been intense and cruel sometimes but I love what the reader gets to know about Froi and Quintana.


~p. 221

I was a bit distracted this evening by tying to write a review and reading the whole short story once more because I looked for a quote I remembered. I found it eventually and wrote the review. After returning to Froi's book I'm happy to see that Quintana and Froi are somewhere safe at the moment.


~p. 206

Yepp, that's making much more sense. And yes again, my heart is bleeding for Froi and the revalations he has to learn at the moment.


~p. 162

Wait a second. How many children have been born that night in the Palace? And if the gods oracle and Lirah gave brith to boys, where did the girl come from? Mysterious...


~p. 157

I'm starting to like Quintana and Froi's weird twin companions in the Citavita.


~p. 108

I have no clue where it is going but it's quite a fun read. Much more than Finnikin of the Rock was.


~p. 65

Finally I've banned myself from reading Harry Potter fanfictions and started a book that got me hooked. If tried a few (as one could see in my currently reading pile) but only Melina Marchetta was able to cross my obsession. Well done Froi! Right now I've met Quintana for the first time and am not really impressed. But I've learned my lesson with Evanjalin, so I won't loose myself in prejudice anymore. The writing is awesome as always.