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Two sad but brilliant ones...

Harry and DracoI've been quite obssessed with Harry Potter fanfictions the last three months and after reading more than 8.000 pages of that I'm taking a little break right now.


This post is dedicated to two smaller fics which are both really sad but brilliant stories. Sometimes I'm a real masochist and dwell in such heartwrenching stories and these two I've reread already a few times.

If you could enjoy tragic, death and love in one go feel free to join me:


Enemy Of My Enemy by Penwyn

This story takes place after HBP and Harry tries to destroy all the Horcruxes. How Draco came to live with Harry at Grimauldplace No.12 and how a lovely phoenix or self-starvation fit in this fic I won't tell. The writing style was brilliant and one will definitely be sad at the end. I loved it. 


The Next Twenty-Four Hours by Sara's Girl

A gruesome fic taking place in an aweful world post Hogwarts war. Based on a nightmare the author left you without a hea and one gnawing question. It was really short, desperate and awesome. Although there are a lot of talented fic authors out there, Sara's Girl is and probably will be my favourite one.


Pic by tamarindopaulitica on deviantart.