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Quintana of Charyn - Updates

Quintana of Charyn  - Melina Marchetta

~p. 382

I knew I would have a blues after finishing Quintana of Charyn. It was such a great read. At the end this book was a little to rushed for a perfect read but all in all the trilogy was wonderful. I think everybody should read a book by Melina Marchetta because her way of bribing emotions is priceless.


~p. 296



~p. 259

Oh please, be careful Froi.


~p. 192

Ok. I have to slow down a bit to extend the pleasure. So much sadness and so much love. Well woven, dear author.


~ p. 126

Lucian and his lost love are driving me insane. I'm glad Froi and Finn are still friends. It's a bit like a fantasy soap opera with everything going in wrong directions and then just taking new turns. No offense meant b/c the writing style is wonderful and gorgeous. After finishing this book I will miss these characters wholeheartedly (even the teeth clenching queens^^).  


~ p. 2

I'm really glad about a lot of things in the second books but some part have been hard to read. After a quick break with a short and slightly disturbing novella by Anne Brooke I'm back to Charyn and Lumatere, back to Quintana, Froi, their family and friends. Can't wait to see what's going to happen next.