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Bloodraven - Updates

Bloodraven - P.L. Nunn

~p. 579

Finished and satiated after so much torture, pain, sex, healing, and loving. Quite a read.


~p. 330

This concept of magic is interesting although I don't know how they are going to crack this barrier between each other. After the tough start the sex scenes have become very touching. I'm really enjoying this book.


~p. 215

Some unexpected things are happening at the moment. Bloodraven is a combination of the genres I love the most (at the moment). A mix of fantasy and m/m novel. It's great to see the culture clash between Yhalen and Bloodreaven and the unpredictable thoughtfulness both MCs are showing among each other. Both weren't very likable at the beginning but now the author has twisted me around his little finger with his characters.

I seem to have a soft spot for males with long tangled hair. Didn't know that^^.


~p. 128

Two povs. It's getting better and better^^.


~p. 86

It a captivating story in a cruel, feral and grim world. At first I thought Yhalen was whiny and spoiled - he is not anymore. Think it will get interesting, when Yhalen is learning ogre. And I'm curious if Bloodraven knows the human language. In relation to his background kind of likely... Damn, I have to wait until tomorrow (I have to get up at 5 am the next two days *urgh*).


~p. 16

Tough start.