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A Great And Terrible Beauty - Updates

A Great and Terrible Beauty  - Libba Bray

~p. 175

I'm not sure, if I like these girls. Emma is ok but Felicity, Pippa and the others? Does it count that I like the art teacher?


~p. 71

Ha. I'm reading a book. A real one^^. No ebook. For the first time in ages. It's kind of weird that I'm feeling strange with it in my hands, isn't it?

*back to the topic babbling girl*

Libba Bray is an author you never know what you get. Here I'm thrown into the victorian British Empire with a spoiled teenager. At her 16th birthday Gemma gets the pendant of her mother on a market in Bombay. She leaves her mother after a fight on the market and sees her dying in a vision minutes later. She is send to a Londoner finishing school and her visions are going on. This books seems to have nothing in common with the weird and funny Going Bovine and although it's a historic it's not as wry and adroit like The Diviners. I hope there will be some witty humour (which I like the most about Libba Bray). Gemma is glibly and seems to be brave but the whole setting is very grim at the moment.

The book was a christmas present by my lovely blog fellow. So it counts for the wimpy book challenge.