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Escaping This World ~ sablecurse

Escaping This World - sablecurse

This was a strange fanfiction with a very good idea, a gruesome start (I nearly got sick while reading of this Harry's life) and a cheesy end. Duh, weird combination.

I loved the story around Sal (Salazar Slytherin who waited more than thousand years to finally meet his equal) and his and Harry's thoughts about magic, muggle-borns and education. The part with the sorting hat made me scream for joy and I liked that the dark wizards weren't so dark, but grey.

I had trouble with Harry who didn't seem to be his usual self until he reached his 17th birthday and I got sick (once more) over Dumbledore. Urgh, his parts were horrible to read.

All in all I have mixed feelings about this ff but it was definitely worth the read.