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Widdershins ~ Jordan L. Hawk

Widdershins  - Jordan L. Hawk

This book was an awesome read for me. Widdershins is a great combination of historical romance, paranormal setting, mysterious story and m/m, with such an adorable pair of MCs.

I fell head over heels in love with Percival Endicott Whyborne (Whyborne). On the one hand he is a smart scholar (who speaks 13 languages and can read even more), sharp-witted and sweet. On the other hand he lacks self-confidence and feels very inadequate in every aspect of his life (except in his job as linguist). I don't want to spoil his story. Lets just say: although I often had to stop myself from squirming about his thoughts and actions, I could put myself in his shoes. But don't underestimate him; Whyborne can be very heroic, if there is something or someone worth being heroic for.

His counterpart is Griffin Flaherty, an ex-Pinkerton and as Whyborne says "a very handsome man". Griffin needs Whyborne's help deciphering a mysterious book, the last item of a murder victim. I fell for Griffin when he first named Whyborne "his dear" (without a name following) although they were just friends at that moment. This seems to be extraordinary even between lovers back then (at the end of the 19th or the beginning of the 20th century. I can't remember the accurate period but in the book were gas laterns, cabs, busses and excarvations of Egyptian mummies mentioned.). Nonetheless it fitted perfect everytime Griffin used this term of endearment.

I loved to see their relationship grow from the first meeting until the end of this first book of the Whyborne & Griffin series. And althought one has to be patient until they became intimate with one another all scenes were worth waiting for. They were sexy and sentimentally (in a good way). And yes, I liked the drama too. A good love story needs some heartbreaking moments and it was great to see these parts intertwine with the paranormal part of the story. The latter was captivating in a victorian manner. I'm such a sucker for gentlemen (and ladies) participating in occultism.

















I can't wait to read the sequel Threshold and every other book written by Jordan L. Hawk.