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Eidolon ~ Jordan L. Hawk

Eidolon - Jordan L. Hawk

A short story for and about Valentine's day.

It's told from Griffin's pov and that's enlightening. After reading Eidolon I can tell Whyborne and Griffin are just perfect for each other. I do hope their insecurities won't separate them in the future.

Btw. Widdershins takes place in december 1897, Eidolon on the 14th of february, 1898.

Have you seen Whyborne's smile and his laughing eyes on the cover? It's so lovely to see Griffin swooning about it. I just want to read on with the series but there will be a fourth one (called Necropolis, cooming May 2014). To avoid a series induced I-want-more-blues I have to batch the next two books of the series a bit.