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Get to know me icebreaker... with Grim

All Hail Grimlock had this great idea I like to join:

"Here's the deal.  I'm going to post ten things about me.   10 things that start with 'I am'.  If you'd like to join in the icebreaker, post 10 things about you, wherever you'd like."  


1. I'm in love with books. Of course we all are in love with books. But it's one of the things everybody (family, friends, colleagues) would tell you, if you would ask about me.


2. I'm married to a gorgeous man who makes me laugh and deals with my obsessive reading and writing about books I've read. He lets the sun shine, has dimples and blue eyes. What do I want more.


3. I'm a mom. Our little girl is a lively three-year-old and I love her sooo much. Normally I want to strangle her at least once a day because she is such a pighead^^.


4. I'm a vet but I've not been practicing vet medicine for the last 10 years. After college and working as one for half a year I recognized I don't want to practise vet medicine 24/7. So I wrote a thesis and worked at a newspaper and scientific publisher instead.


5. I'm allergic to dust - just a minor allergy but it bothers me enough to envy everyone who has a housekeeper and don't has to vacuum. I hate everything about it, the noise, the equipement (it's never in the room you need it), the wire (why gets it always in your way), the dust bunnies flying around and my blocked nose.


6. I'm addicted to beeing online. If I forgot my mobile at home I'm lost. It will be interesting when we are going on vacation this year. Three weeks without a wireless connection in the house. Duh.


7. I'm crazy about latte macchiato and elder lemonade. I could drink either the whole day.


8. I'm here on BookLikes because I felt insecure about my English skills. I started reading books in English a few years ago. First only original books who had to be translated, than YA books, and than everything. Nowadays I have to force myself to read occasionally a German book;). I started to write a few reviews on Goodreads a year ago. With the change of TOS I switched to BLs and got the opportunity to write on my own blog. How cool is that btw! It's been an awesome developement and I hope it just goes on.


9. I'm afraid of leftovers in dish water and leftovers in general. This horrible feeling when something brushes your fingers in the water. Urggh. Or when you have to clean the leftovers from the plates and you dip your fingers in something.

My husband can laugh about it all day. Not because he's mean. No, he just can't believe I can put my gloved arm into a cow's ass (I've done it a thousand times while working as a vet) or wipe away cat puke without complaints.


10. I'm Catholic but not very religous. I attended church the last time for the christening of our daughter. I wanted the whole ceremony because of my grand mother who is very religous (and not because of myself or our daughter's salvation). Hypocrite, I know.