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Reading progress update: I've read 96 out of 316 pages.

The Prince and the Program - Aldous Mercer

Sometimes I'm lost here. Could someone please explain to me why this modern version of Hamlet was used as an analogy for coding and the intentions of the coder? Maybe I didn't get it because I haven't read Hamlet though I know most of his story.


But then this book is so awesome. On page 69 for example this brought me to squeak like a maniac:

..., I spotted a piece of graffiti - a black-and-white whiskered rat-perched on the edge between whitewashed cement and dull red brick. I paused for a moment, bent down, and scratched at the rat's nose.


I love Bansky's rats and the idea of scratching the nose of this one. Isn't it awesome?


Mordred is full of contradictions and I'm falling pretty fast for him. I even got a hint about Japan. But sometimes (I fear) I'm missing some of the hints. Either have I insight into Shakespeare or have a clue about coding (without templates I wouldn't have get this blog running). This book is definitely a challenge. I hope someone is going to translate it into German soon because I want to share it with some people who don't read much in English.