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Reading progress update: I've read 42 out of 273 pages.

Hainted - Jordan L. Hawk

I've just rememberd I bought this book already. So I can celebrate my current obsession with Jordan L. Hawk's books. I am reading Hainted now, Stormhaven in April, Nekropolis (hopefully) in May. Then I have to pick up her Spectr series and I will be able to read one of her books a month until Bloodline will be published in November. Hurray. :D


And yes, I'm happy with Hainted so far. Leif, you can see him on the cover, is the mysterious stranger with piercings, black cloths and - best of all - eyeliner around the eyes (I love guys wearing some make-up). And Dan seems to be a cutie. Both are struggling with their past and it's all very mystical. I really like it so far.