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Hainted - Jordan L. Hawk

Yes, that was awesome. Maybe I'm wrong but Hainted seemed to be the authors first book. The characters were lovely albeit not as much to the point as Whyborne and Griffin were. But I loved the mystery in Hainted. The Walkers with their different gods and ways to rest the death. The best were Leif's visits of astral Helheim with the bridge Gjallarbrú over the river Gjöll and Modgudr and Hel's dogs waiting. I don't know what it is about Norse mythology but I'm always feeling a mixture of pleasure, rising goosebumps and awe. And I loved the way Hel was graciously at the end. The love story was pure pleasure. Although I would have loved to see Dan kicking his old High School sweethart in the ass for dealing with things the way she did. Beeing hurt didn't exuse everything.

Ok, this post is just a muddle. I hope the review is going to be more coherent.