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Kraken ~ M. Caspian

Kraken - M. Caspian

Kraken is a book for mature readers!


Will gets an ultimatum by his boyfriend Parker. If he doesn't move with him to an island they are done. Will, a city boy, didn't want to but regrets his decision after Parker left him. He resolves to follow Parker. On his way strange things start to happen and more than one islander seem to know him. When Will meets Parker again he has to recognize that his ex-boyfriend didn't meant his ultimatum for real. Hurt and desperate Will runs away until he strands on the porch of mysterious Cyrus. He welcomes Will with open arms. Cy is charming and seduces Will with body and mind. After a short time Will can't leave Cy let alone the island. Cy is very dominant and has a body to die for, literally (which may cause some problems). With Cy Will experiences some weird shit but also the best sex ever...


A review about Kraken isn't easy especially if one don't want to spoil too much. Yepp, the cover gives you a broad hint which way the story goes. M. Caspian described Kraken as A gothic erotic horror novel and you could say that this story was intruiging, anomalous and weird. And yes, the sex scenes were extraordinary and gorgeous. I would have never guessed one could do such things with tentacles. I nearly melted away although it was more than kinky stuff. There were scenes without mutual agreement and even these couldn't gross me out. And no, I'm not feeling very deviant to admit this. It was cystal-clear these scenes were fiction and I'm ok with that. I can take a lot and quite unsettling scenes as long as I know it's not real. If you don't like such story lines, please be warned. But speaking for myself, I can tell you the erotic moments of Kraken were my cup of tea. I would have enjoyed them even more if they had been longer.


You might ask why I didn't give the book a higher rating? That's because I had some issues with it. First (and most important) Will was such a Mary Sue or Gary Sue or whatever the male pendants were called. He was described as an ordinary guy but nearly every gay male on the island fell for him. AND he was clumsy and acted a lot on impulse. Seriously, a male Bella Swan? Urgh. At the end he got his shit together but that was a bit late for my liking. 

Second, I didn't like that so many questions remainded open. I really liked the paranormal aspect of Kraken. Cy, Sina and Will's transformation were great ideas but I didn't learn as much about them as I would like to. On top the solution seemed very simple, the end a bit rushed and too cheesy for a horror story. Yes, of course a hea is fine but some more sturggeling would have been appreciated.


Nonetheless I did enjoy this book. After getting used to the writing style I liked it as well. I will definitely read the next book by M. Caspian. If the next book will also mix a sexy atmosphere with some weirdness à la Verne and Horowitz, count me in.