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Reading progress update: I've read 100 out of 201 pages.

Stormhaven  - Jordan L. Hawk

I'm procrastinating as much as I can, but the story picked up pace and it's very tempting to read it in one go now. The story is darker than the prequels but as always you can count on the author's humour in some improper moments.

And, to my pleasure, in Stormhaven you'll find a book with a German title and it's title is nearly correct. For some reasons, I don't know why, a lot of foreign authors use German words for paranormal or fantasy stories. That wouldn't be a problem but most of the time they use them wrong. It's totally understandable because German has a horrible grammar, umlauts and a lot more consonants than English (the last one drives me crazy the other way round - all these vowels^^). In Stormhaven the declination is right and the gender too. One word more and it would be perfect. We would call the mentioned book 'Von Unaussprechlichen Kulten' which means something like 'About Nameless Cults'. Ah, life's little pleasures.