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Riding Drag ~ Shukyou aka Ladysisyphus

Cover Riding Drag englischWestern America in the 19th century. An over 50 year old American (with Chinese parents) meets a whore less than half his age. Lets call him Woo. He helps her in a parlous situation and takes her into his wagon. As a reward she gives him a skillful blow-job and along the way he finds out she isn't a woman but a young man. Lets call him S. They travel south together and end up in Monterey. They are both very secretive but know deep in their hearts they can trust each other. They become friends and lovers in no time. But life is short and a seperation seems to be inevitably.


I loved this novella by Shukyou from the first setence:

"Velly solly, honorable sirs," he said, all the while thinking, fuck your mothers.

It was funny, sad, crude and light altogether. Two lonely people found sort of a soulmate in the other but refused to acknowledge it. Their relationship was like watching all the layers of an old dress come apart. With each half-slip lifted the reader learned something new about Woo and S. It was gorgeous. I would have never guessed that these two people could be so good for each other. I never thought a Western story could be so much fun. And I loved Woo. He had been discriminated his whole life and therefore didn't predijuce S. for liking to be fucked by men or using the disguise of a woman to get there. Woo liked him as he was. He even fell for him although he never fell for a guy before. It was awesome to see.


Riding Drag is just a short story but bears so much meaning: against discrimination and racism towards tolerance and every person's right to choose love without caring about its gender. A manifesto for open-mindedness. I loved it during my first and second read. I think I will love it forever.


You can find Shukyou's stories on Archive of our Own under the name Ladysisyphus. None is like the other.